A Journeyman’s Journey – The Story of Jim McEwan

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ISBN: 386470765X
ISBN 13: 9783864707650
Autor: McEwan, Jim/Sonntag, Udo
Verlag: Plassen Verlag
Umfang: 488 S.
Erscheinungsdatum: 24.06.2021
Format: 4.4 x 25.5 x 19.7
Gewicht: 1790 g
Produktform: Gebunden/Hardback
Einband: GEB
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For whisky professionals, connoisseurs and lovers, Jim McEwan is an icon like Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney and Pelé. Growing up in the small village of Bowmore on the "whisky island" of Islay, he started his career in 1963 at the age of 15 as a cask maker in the Bowmore distillery. This developed into an unprecedented career in which Jim was to shape and revolutionise the world of whisky like no other. The worldwide success of single malt whisky is inextricably linked to him. The highlight of his work was the revival of the Bruichladdich distillery, today one of the most innovative and respected representatives of the whisky world. How a journey began with two men and a dog that would lead to new universes of whisky is only part of the story that Jim McEwan tells here anecdotally and with much humour. Lavishly designed, lavishly illustrated and sumptuously appointed - a delight for lovers of wonderful books and wonderful drinks alike.


Jim McEwan ist unter Whisky-Freunden eine Legende. Die Menge der Innovationen, mit denen er die Branche weiterentwickelt hat, ist einfach atemberaubend. Nun legt er seine Biografie vor.

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