ISBN: 1784705128
ISBN 13: 9781784705121
Autor: McEwan, Ian
Verlag: Random House Book Group Ltd.
Umfang: 199 S.
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.06.2017
Format: 1.6 x 17.9 x 11
Gewicht: 157 g
Produktform: Kartoniert
Einband: PB
Deutscher Titel: Nussschale
Artikelnummer: 9835381 Kategorie:


Trudy has betrayed her husband, John. She's still in the marital home but not with John. Instead, she's with his brother, Claude, and the two of them have a plan. But there is a witness to their plot: the inquisitive, nine-month-old resident of Trudy's womb. Told from a perspective unlike any other, Nutshell is a classic tale of murder and deceit from one of the world's master storytellers. A number one Sunday Times bestseller.

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