A Life as Art

ISBN: 0141977744
ISBN 13: 9780141977744
Autor: Gopnik, Blake
Verlag: Penguin Books
Umfang: XIV, 962 S., 8 farbige Bildtaf.
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.04.2021
Format: 4.4 x 19.7 x 12.8
Gewicht: 672 g
Produktform: Kartoniert
Einband: PB
Deutscher Titel: Warhol – Ein Leben als Kunst
Artikelnummer: 9862273 Kategorie:


Gopnik digs deep into the contradictions and radical genius that led Andy Warhol to revolutionise our cultural world. Based on years of archival research and on interviews with hundreds of Warhol's surviving friends, lovers and enemies. Filled with new insights into the artist's work and personality. Was he a joke or a genius, a radical or a social climber? Warhol himself would have answered: Yes. The definitive biography of one of the most famous and influential artists the world has ever seen.

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