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Achievement and Responsibility

ISBN: 0387950575
ISBN 13: 9780387950570
Autor: Hoffmann, Klaus
Verlag: Springer Verlag GmbH
Umfang: x, 276 S.
Erscheinungsdatum: 25.05.2001
Produktform: Gebunden/Hardback
Einband: GEB
Artikelnummer: 1476297 Kategorie:



Preface. Translator''s Preface. 1. Atom Bomb and Nobel Prize. 2. Boyhood, Studies, and the First Probationary Years. 3. The Awakening of the Natural Sciences. 4. The First Scientific Discovery. 5. Research the University of Berlin. 6. The Kaiser Wilhelm Society. 7. The First World War. 8. New Success for the Atomic Researchers. 9. National Socialism--Night Falls on German Science. 10.Dispute Over the 93rd Element. 11. The Splitting of the Uranium Atom. 12. The Threat of Hitler''s Atom Bomb. 13.The American Super--Explosive U235. 14. The Hunt for the Atomic Scientists. 15. A World Full of Prejudice. 16. Atom Bomb Diplomacy. 17. In Conflict with Conscience and Politics. 18. The Call of the Goettingen Eighteen. 19. Against Nuclear Weapon Experiments and Nuclear Balance. 20. Timetable. 21. Sources and Pointers. Index.

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