Design of Speech-based Devices

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A Practical Guide, Practitioner Series

Pitt/E Design of Speech-based Devices

ISBN: 1-85233-436-3
ISBN 13: 9781852334369
Autor: Pitt, Ian/Edwards, Alistair
Verlag: Springer Verlag GmbH
Umfang: XI, 179 S.
Erscheinungsdatum: 30.10.2002
Einband: GEB

Introduction.- Background and Previous Research.- Interaction Design.- Dialogue Design.- Presenting Individual Speech Dialogues.- Presenting Lists and Menus.- Case Studies.- Future Trends.- Appendix A: Homophones: Words Which Sound Alike.- Appendix B: Words with More than One Meaning.- Appendix C: Words with More than One Pronunciation.- References.- Index.

Provides practical guidance when designing speech-based systems

Includes case studies which examine real-life (good and bad) examples

Discusses the design of speech-based devices – what information should be communicated, and how

Explains how information should be presented as speech – what rhythm, pausing and intonation should be used

Considers current research directions in speech technology, probable future developments and problems that remain unsolved

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