Mathematical models for the management of water distribution networks

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Managing water networks combining new information processing technologies with innovative network modelling techniques

ISBN: 363984243X
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Autor: Amato, Vincenzo
Verlag: Edizioni Accademiche Italiane
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Water has always been an essential element of the territory and of the environmental system and is an irreplaceable asset for the development of various human activities and the improvement of quality of life. Among the various uses of water, the one intended for human consumption is certainly of vital importance, as evidenced by the considerable efforts made by the men of the most ancient cultures in creating works aimed at the transport and distribution of potable water, even very complex, works of which few examples remain today. The aqueducts therefore constitute one of the most important issues of hydraulic engineering, which has attracted more and more attention of researchers and engineers, due to the gradually increased amount of water required by humans to meet their needs and the consequent difficulties in finding new water resources, to ensure water of appropriate characteristics.The new challenges raised by the European Water Framework Directive by imposing cost recovery to improve water efficiency and environmental sustainability have led to a significant change at all levels of water management.


Vincenzo Amato was born in Marsala in 1984. He attended the School of Engineering at University of Pisa, completing specialized studies in Hydraulic Engineering. He enriched his academic formation at Polytechnic University of Valencia investigating the issue of management of distribution system for pressurized water.

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