Handbook of Contemporary Islam and Muslim Lives

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eBook – Handbook of Contemporary Islam and Muslim Lives, Handbook of Contemporary Islam and Muslim Lives

EBOOK Handbook of Contemporary Islam and

ISBN: 94-007-4920-1
ISBN 13: 9789400749207
Herausgeber: Gabriele Marranci
Erscheinungsdatum: 15.02.2025
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2025

Section A – Islam: Short Introduction

1) From the Beginning

2) The Sacred Texts

3) Sacred Law

4) Rituals in Islam

5) Shia Islam5

6) Sufism

7) The Ahmediyya

8) Contemporary Muslim Thinkers

Section B – Contemporary Muslim Communities: an Overview

9) Muslims in Northern Europe

10) Muslims in Eastern Europe

11) Muslims in Southern Europe

12) Muslims in North America

13) Muslims in South America

14) Muslims in Australia and New Zealand

15) Muslims in North Africa

16) Muslims in East Africa

17) Muslims in West Africa

18) Muslims in South Africa

19) Muslims in the Middle East

20) Muslims in Central Asia

21) Muslims in South Asia

22) Muslims in Southeast Asia

Section C – Muslims and Contemporary Politics

23) Democracy 6

24) Secularism

25) Nationalism

26) Back to the Khalifa?

27) Globalism

28) Extremism

29) Terrorism

30) Human Rights

Section D – Material Culture

31) Contemporary Muslim Architecture 7

32) Contemporary Muslim Art

33) Muslim Films

34) Muslim Comedy

35) Muslim Popular Music

36) Muslim Fashion

Section E – Muslims and Gender

37) Muslim Women: Contemporary Debates

38) Muslim Feminism

39) Muslims and Masculinity: Contemporary Debates 8

40) Non-Heterosexual Muslims

Section F – Islamic Education

41) The Madrasa

42) Islamic Education in the West

43) Madrasas and Extremism?

44) Contemporary Approaches to Islamic Education

Section G – Age and Generations

45) Muslim Families

46) Marriage

47) Religiosity and Generation Gap

48) Muslim Migrants and Their Children in the West

Section H – Contemporary Islamic Finance

49) What is Islamic Finance

50) Contemporary Islamic Finance

51) Islamic Finance in the West

Section I – Muslims and the Internet

52) A Cyber Ummah?

53) Learning Islam on the Net10

54) Muslim Women and the Internet

55) Cyber Fatwas

56) Cyber Terrorism




As the first handbook to offer a comprehensive evaluation of contemporary Islam, and aspects of Muslim life in a post-9/11 world, this much-needed volume offers a detailed thread of continuity between the Islamic world and Muslims living and born in the West.

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