The Social Psychology of Inequality

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Social Psychology of Inequality

ISBN: 3-030-28855-2
ISBN 13: 9783030288556
Herausgeber: Jolanda Jetten/Kim Peters
Verlag: Springer Verlag GmbH
Umfang: IX, 405 S., 14 s/w Illustr., 7 farbige Illustr., 10 farbige Tab.
Erscheinungsdatum: 13.11.2019
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2020
Einband: GEB

Economic inequality has been of considerable interest to academics, citizens, and politicians worldwide for the past decade-and while economic inequality has attracted a considerable amount of research attention, it is only more recently that researchers have considered that economic inequality may have broader societal implications. However, while there is an increasingly clear picture of the varied ways in which economic inequality harms the fabric of society, there is a relatively poor understanding of the social psychological processes that are at work in unequal societies. This edited book aims to build on this emerging area of research by bringing together researchers who are at the forefront of this development and who can therefore provide timely insight to academics and practitioners who are grappling with the impact of economic inequality. This book will address questions relating to perceptions of inequality, mechanisms underlying effects of inequality, various consequences of inequality and the factors that contribute to the maintenance of inequality. The target audiences are students at advanced undergraduate or graduate level, as well as scholars and professionals in the field. The book fills a niche of both applied and practical relevance, strongly emphasizing theory and integration of different perspectives in social psychology. Given the broad interest in inequality within the social sciences, the book will be accessible to sociologists and political scientists as well as social, organizational, and developmental psychologists. The insights brought together in The Social Psychology of Inequality will contribute to a broader understanding of the far-reaching costs of inequality for the social health of a society and its citizens.

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