The Revolt Against Psychiatry

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eBook – A Counterhegemonic Dialogue

EBOOK Burstow Revolt Against Psychiatry

ISBN: 3-030-23331-6
ISBN 13: 9783030233310
Autor: Burstow, Bonnie
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Erscheinungsdatum: 20.08.2019
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2019

Chapter 1: Introduction to this book and to this project

Chapter 2: It is All about Racism: Dialogue with Indigenous Scholar and Activist Roland Chrisjohn
Chapter 3: Our Freedom of Speech over our Medical License: Dialogue with the Conscience of PsychiatryPeter Breggin
Chapter 4: Dialogue with Journalist Extraordinaire: Robert Whitaker
Chapter 5: Dialogue with Survivor and Academic Lauren Tenney
Chapter 6: On Berlin Runaway House: Dialogue with Kim Wichera
Chapter 7: Toward a Democratic Psychiatry?: Dialogue with Ian Parker
Chapter 8: Activism is My Real Job: The Mad Movement in Chile: Dialogue with Tatiana Castillo 
Chapter 9: There is no place on this Planet for PsychiatryPeriod!: Dialogue with Don Weitz
Chapter 10: Autistic and Mad: Dialogue with Nick Walter
Chapter 11: Dialogue with Indigenous Leader and Psych Survivor Michael
Chapter 12: This is Not a Time to Lie Low: Dialogue with International Lawyer, Survivor, and Human Rights Advocate Tina Minkowitz
Chapter 13: I So Loved My Son that I had to Promise him that Id Do Everything that I Could: Dialogue with Mother and Archivist Julie Wood
Chapter 14: Epistemicide: Dialogue with Global Mental Health Critic China Mills
Chapter 15: The Movement is an Intrinsic Part of Who I Am: Dialogue with Bonnie Burstow
Appendix A:List of Movements Frequently Referenced and the Distinctions Between Them
Appendix B: List of Commonly Used Abbreviations
Appendix C: Glossary of Frequently Used Words.

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