Psychosocial Implications of Poverty

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eBook – Diversities and Resistances

EBOOK Psychosocial Implications of Pover

ISBN: 3-030-24292-7
ISBN 13: 9783030242923
Herausgeber: Verônica Morais Ximenes/James Ferreira Moura Jr/Bárbara Barbosa Nepomuceno et al
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Part I – Critical and psychosocial perspectives on poverty

Chapter 1: Research in Psychology in the contexts of poverty: For what and for whom?

Chapter 2: Social Representations of Poverty

Chapter 3: Social (ine)equality and Psychology: a perspective for the debate on poverty

Chapter 4: Stigmatization of Poverty: Bases of Prejudice and Violence Against the Poor

Chapter 5: Experiences of Humiliation and Shame: a psychosocial analysis in Brazilian contexts of poverty

Chapter 6: Poverty, stigma and drug use: reflections on a perverse relationship

Chapter 7: The perception of social reality and its impact on the processes of exclusion of people in situations of extreme poverty in Spain and Nicaragua

Part II – Strategies of Resistance and fight against poverty

Chapter 8: Practices of resistance to the stigmatization of poverty: possible pathways

Chapter 9: Social Support as a way of tackling poverty

Chapter 10: The Traffic Light of Poverty Elimination and its Multidimensional and Psychosocial Approach in Paraguay

Chapter 11: Poverty, Political Participation and Autonomy of Women in the Brazilian Rural Environment

Chapter 12: Personal Well-being and Hope in Population in Situation of Poverty in Merida, Mexico

Chapter 13: Indigenous Epistemologies and Visions on Poverty: Aesthetics and Spirituality as Resistance

Chapter 14: Poverty and Youth: psychosocial implications, ways of life and coping with daily adversities

Chapter 15: Strategies to tackle poverty: an analysis based on studies carried out with people in psychic suffering and prostitutes


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