New Trends in Psychobiography

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EBOOK New Trends in Psychobiography

ISBN: 3-030-16953-7
ISBN 13: 9783030169534
Herausgeber: Claude-Hélène Mayer/Zoltan Kovary
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Erscheinungsdatum: 06.08.2019
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2019

Chapter 1. Introduction (Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Part 1: Theoretical, methodological and conceptual approaches in psychobiography.- Chapter 2. Executing Psychobiography (James William Anderson).- Chapter 3. Psychobiography and psychology as a rigorous science. Explorations in epistemology, clinical practice and university education (Zoltan Kovary).- Chapter 4. Systems Psychodynamics in Psychobiography: The individual within the (unconscious) systems‘ dynamics (Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Chapter 5. Old wine in new skins? Psychobiography and Positive Psychology (Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Chapter 6. Suitability Indicators in the Study of Great Lives: Guidelines for the Selection of the Psychobiographical Subject (Barbara Burnell).- Chapter 7. Distinction between high resolution and low resolution psychobiography (Ágnes Bálint).- Chapter 8. Abstractions of truth (Robert F. Mullen).- Chapter 9. An Ethics Guide to Psychobiography. Trends in Best Practice (Joseph G. Ponterotto).- Chapter 10. Aspects of Political Psychobiography (Reprint) (Avner Falk).- Part 2: Psychobiographies on selected individuals.- Chapter 11. Psychological reflections on the build-up to the first heart transplant (Roelf van Niekerk).- Chapter 12. Amor fati or posttraumatic growth? The case of Etty Hillesum in the time of the Holocaust (Márta Csabai).- Chapter 13. Jack Kerouac (William Todd Schultz).- Chapter 14. Goethe’s path to creativity – A psychobiography (Rainer Matthias Holm-Hadulla).- Chapter 15. Jean Paul Sartre’s psychosocial identity development – A psychobiographical perspective (Tatjana Müller).- Chapter 16. Dostoyevsky and Nietzsche The contradictory nature of the Self in a dream of Raskolnikov and in the breakdown of Nietzsche (Tamás Témyi).- Chapter 17. Constructing „Georgia“: Love, play, work as a central theme in O’Keefee’s early and late memories (Athena Androutsopoulou).- Chapter 18. A Psychobiographical Portrait of Adam Smalls Eriksonian Ego-strengths or Virtues: Contextualized within South Africas Pre-, Middle- and Post-Apartheid eras (Paul J.P. Fouché).- Chapter 19. Time, Death, Eternity: Imagining the soul of Johann Sebastian Bach (George Atwood).- Chapter 20. The amazing life of Charlize Theron (Tracey Prenter).- Chapter 21. Dr Donald and Mr Trump. A study in political psychopathology (Avner Falk).- Chapter 22. A reflection on the psychosocial-historical turning points in the life of Sol Plaatje: Co- founder of the African National Congress (Crystal Welman).- Chapter 23. L. Ron Hubbard and Jim Jones: Narrative Identity in the Lives of Two Controversial Religious Leaders (James Kelley).- Chapter 24. The use of unusual psychological theories in psychobiography: A case study and discussion (Carol du Plessis).- Chapter 25. Specificity and evolution of (psycho-) biography of Jesus of Nazareth in the first century AD (psychobiography in the Lvov-Warsaw School) (Amadeusz Citlak).- Part 3: Applied Psychobiography.- Chapter 26. Psychobiography as an effective research methodology for the advocacy of abused and neglected youth in South Africa (Sharon Johnson).- Chapter 27. Administration of the psychobiographical care model (Erwin Böhm).

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