Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography

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eBook – Theory and History in the Human and Social Sciences

EBOOK Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork

ISBN: 3-030-20831-1
ISBN 13: 9783030208318
Herausgeber: Thomas Stodulka/Samia Dinkelaker/Ferdiansyah Thajib
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Erscheinungsdatum: 20.08.2019
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Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography Advancing Affective Scholarship.- Part I: Role Conflicts and Aftermaths.- Role Conflicts and Aftermaths Introduction.- Making Sense of (Humanitarian) Emotions in Ethnography with Vulnerable Childhood: The Case of Bangkok Slum Children.- Emotional Vulnerability and Ethnographic Understanding: A Collaborative Research Project in a Womens Shelter.- Conflicted Emotions: Learning about Uchawi.- Part II: Reciprocity in Research Relationships.- Reciprocity in Research Relationships Introduction.- Uneasy Thankfulness and the Dilemma of Balancing Partiality in Surrogacy Research.- Exchange of Intangible Gifts? Reflections on Research Relationships When Studying up.- Reciprocity in Research Relationships: Learning from Imbalances.- Reciprocity Reconsidered: Towards a Research Ethic of Economic Participation.- Part III: Intimacy and Care in the Field.- Intimacy and Care in the Field Introduction.- Embodying Ineffable Concepts: Empathic Intimacy as a Tool for Insight.- Sexuality and Emotions Situated in Time and Space.- Normality Revisited Fieldwork and Family.- Part IV: Dealing with Illness and Dying.- Dealing with Illness and Dying Introduction.- Standing at the Doorstep: Affective Encounters in Research on Death and Dying.- Dancing Through the Perfect Storm: Encountering Illness and Death in the Field and Beyond.- From Therapy to Fieldwork: Reflecting the Experiences of a Therapist and Anthropologist when Researching Substitutional Drugs And Their Users.- Part V: Failing and Attuning in the Field.- Failing and Attuning in the Field Introduction.- How to be a Good Disciple (to a Martial Arts Master) Critical Reflections on Participation and Apprenticeship in Indonesian Pencak Silat Schools.- The Anxieties of a Changing Sense of Place: A Reflection on Field Encounters at Home.- Attuning Engagement: Methodological and Affective Dimensions of a Failed Collaborative Research Project in Timor-Leste.- Part VI: Unpacking Emotion Regimes in Teaching and Fieldwork.- Unpacking Emotion Regimes in Teaching and Fieldwork Introduction.- Vulnerability in the Field:  Emotions, Experiences and Encounters with Ghosts and Spirits.- How did it feel for you? Teaching and Learning (by) Emotional Reflexivity in an Undergraduate Fieldwork Training.- Fieldwork Emotions: Embedded Across Cultures, Shared, Repressed or Subconscious.- Afterword: A return to the story.

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