Otto Dix and the First World War

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Grotesque Humor, Camaraderie and Remembrance, German Visual Culture 6

Mackenzie Otto Dix and the First World W

ISBN: 3-0343-1723-9
ISBN 13: 9783034317238
Autor: Mackenzie, Michael
Verlag: Peter Lang
Umfang: 448 S., 9 farbige Illustr.
Erscheinungsdatum: 25.02.2019
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2019
Format: 2.8 x 23.1 x 15.5
Gewicht: 773 g
Einband: GEB

Otto Dix fought in the First World War for four years before becoming one of the most important artists of the Weimar era. This book takes Dix’s very public, monumental works out of the isolation of the artist’s studio and returns them to a context of public memorials, mass media depictions, and the communal search for meaning in the war.

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