The circular rotunda church in the west of Pelusium, North Sinai

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ISBN: 6200228337
ISBN 13: 9786200228338
Autor: Alhadi, Sayed Mohamed
Verlag: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Erscheinungsdatum: 26.08.2019
Auflage: 1/2019
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In this book I will discuss the study of the circular church west of Pelusium. It has an unique style in the architecture of churches, especially in Egypt. This circular church is considered the only discovered in Egypt and there is no church like this in Egypt. I will mention: the role of Sinai in the transmission of Christianity to Egypt from Palestine; the spread of monasticism; the most important Christian places in both south and north Sinai; the role of Sinai in the flight of the Holy family to Egypt especially Pelusium city. And I will talk about the most important Saints of Pelusium, the main planning of the churches and their important styles. Then I will explain the circular church in the light of the excavations, their location, their history, their baptistery and their architectural description especially the eastern (Rotunda) and western building (crypt). Then I will explain the Excavations to the east of the circular church.


The author graduated from faculty of archaeology, Cairo University. He registered for master degree in Models of the churches and their discoveries in the route of the holy family in Sinai, in the light of archaeological excavation. He is also an inspector of archaeology in north Sinai area, Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt.

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