The Whispers of the Muses

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ISBN: 3838216970
ISBN 13: 9783838216973
Autor: Katunaric, Vjeran
Verlag: ibidem-Verlag
Umfang: 360 S., 9 farbige Illustr.
Erscheinungsdatum: 04.07.2022
Format: 1.9 x 21 x 14.8
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Although there is widespread belief that some artists attract the attention of muses more than others, this topic has, so far, not been taken up seriously in art history or sociology of culture. In his fascinating book, Vjeran Katunaric starts out by presenting many artworks, from literature and visual arts to performing arts and architecture, as examples that demonstrate the transcendental potential of art. The key concept explaining this capability concerns the crossing of three time frames, i.e. past, present, and future in the historical present. An inspirational source for such an approach is to be found in the aesthetic sociology and philosophy of Georg Simmel and in the philosophical hermeneutics of history by Walter Benjamin. The selected artworks and periods, respectively, span from early Renaissance and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to postmodernity and neoliberalism - with a glimpse to a possible future as the opening of the cosmic era of humanity that is anticipated in early vanguard and some contemporary paintings.


Vjeran Katunaric was born in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied sociology and philosophy at the University of Zagreb. From 1985 to 2010, he was professor at the University of Zagreb, from 2010 to 2019 at the University of Zadar. He published over 150 works, including 20 books. His titles published in English include The Quest for a Liberal-Socialist Democracy and Development: Against the Behemoth (2018) and Dancing and Calculating: Culturally sustainable development and globalization in light of two paradigms of socio-cultural development (2014). He was awarded the Order of Danica Hrvatska with the figure of Marko Marulic for merits in culture. He is also the winner of the annual award for the science of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, and the honor "Rudi Supek" for extraordinary significant achievements, successes, and merits for the development of sociology. In 2017, he obtained the highest recognition in science in Croatia by receiving the State Award (granted by the Croatian Parliament) for his lifetime achievement in the social sciences.

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